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Winter Severity Index Release Haunting Nico Cover "Purple Lips"

The Italian cold wave duo, Winter Severity Index, comprised of singer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, Simona Ferrucci and keyboardist, Alessandra Romeo, has been a favorite going back a full decade to their 2010 self titled E.P.

While their cover of "Purple Lips" officially premiered on October 24th at Gothicat #5, an online streaming festival with proceeds going to fight COVID-19; Darkest Wave Magazine had not yet launched, so now we are able to inform those unfortunate souls who somehow missed this amazing cover of the Nico classic.

Nico's first performance of "Purple Lips" aired on a French television broadcast in 1975. It was released six years later on the fifth studio album, Drama of Exile in 1981 and a re-recording was released in 1983.

Having played stages across Europe for years, Simona and Alessandra found themselves in the same boat as musicians all around the world, a world without live concerts. Fortunately, even a global pandemic cannot keep the music scene down. Streaming festivals have kept musicians as well as music fans engaged. Such a streaming festival brought us this dreamy version of "Purple Lips" that somehow feels as though it was a Winter Severity Index original. Nico would certainly approve.

Watch the stunning video and purchase below at bandcamp.

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