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Turkish Post-Punk Band Ductape Release New Album 'Labirent' With Accompanying Video "Hata"

Ductape, a darkwave /post-punk duo based in Istanbul Turkey, released their first EP Little Monsters in June of 2020. After their initial release, the duo went back to the studio to record their first full length, releasing the single "Wooden Girl" to lead into the release of Labirent which was released January 8th of 2021.

Ductape is a fantastic combination of electronic drums combined with melodic, distorted and even, sometimes, acoustic guitars, driving bass and minimal synth lines floating in and out. You think you know what to expect with this formula, but you don't. Their style is their own and not another cookie cutter version of what everyone lumps under the "Post-Punk" umbrella these days.

The band has released the official video for the song "Hata", their first song recorded in their native tongue of Turkish. "Hata", which translates to "error", is beautifully shot alongside an overcast seaside amongst beautifully decaying abandoned row houses.

The track itself is dreamy and moody and driven by an amazing bass line and jangly guitars that certainly conjure up sounds of early post-punk bands. But, do not be mistaken. This is not another clone band. Ductape carve out their own path in this current music scene strewn with copycat bands and it's a thing of beauty.

Watch the Official Video for "Hata" here and listen and purchase Labirent below at bandcamp.

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