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The Drood Release New Single 'It Must Needs Wither' + Video

On Tuesday January 25th, the Denver-based Electronic-Rock band The Drood will release their new song and music video It Must Needs Wither on all major music platforms.

The song was written, performed, and recorded by The Drood and features Nathan Jamiel (Synths, Guitars, Vocals), Daniel Watts (Percussion, Synths), and Hayden Peltier (Bass Guitar). The accompanying music video was created by Tom Nelsen.

Inspired by Shakespeare's Othello and dedicated to the memory of the people who perished in the last couple of years. All parts were initially recorded in Lafayette, CO in September of 2021 as live, improvised takes. Post-production cleanup and punch-ins were added later but the core of this song is a captured ritual. The Drood pull creatively from the fringes of Post-Rock, Psychedelic, Shoegaze, Industrial and more. Their music offers an other-worldliness and intensity which seeks to speak to the soul; a fascinating overlap of mysticism and skepticism, inspiration and despair.

Watch the video for "It Must Needs Wither" and pre-order below

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