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The Drood Release New Album 'Totally Comfortable'

The Drood, made up of Nathan Jamiel (Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards) and Daniel Watts (Drums, Keyboards, Mixing) travels a dark and dreamy path through space-rock and psychedelia. With an enigmatic sound that slides between sludgy space/progrock, industrial-esque grit and layered soundscape-dreams The Drood plods through an eclectic range of emotion, mystery and just plain weirdness. Sure to interest those seeking an esoteric journey in audio form.

Fermented in the noise of industrial, The Drood embraces gloomy atmospheres and is willing to take you on a trip to weird places. There is an other-worldliness and intensity to their music, and a fascinating overlap between mysticism and skepticism. The Drood encourages us to dive-in and feel a path to comprehension, rather than drown in the ignorance of our shadow-side.

'Totally Comfortable', The Drood's second studio album, was released this past October and was recorded between 2016 and 2020. The band describe this collection of recordings as "the recorded journey of two humans attempting to find comfort in the uncomfortable."

Listen and purchase below on bandcamp

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