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Suzi Sabotage Releases Debut Album 'Postmodern Dystopia'

Dark Coldwave artist Suzi Sabotage, from Helsinki, Finland, has just released her debut album 'Postmodern Dystopia'.

Sabatage (formerly of Masquerade and Virgin In Veil) began her solo career in 2017, renewing her whole repertoire in a darker direction earlier this year, releasing singles Persona Non Grata, They Can't Breathe, and Frenzy.

The three singles, released in March of 2021, have been described as beautiful and haunting by post-punk.com and we couldn't agree more.

Cold, brittle synth lines intertwine with driving electronic beats to set the stage for Sabatage's haunting vocals that will send icy chills down your spine.

If the three proceeding singles are any indication of what's in store for the full length, this will certainly be an album you are going to want to purchase right away and listen to again and again.

Watch the video for "Persona Non Grata" and purchase 'Postmodern Dystopia' below on bandcamp.

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