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Saturne & Valfeu Release New Single 'Half Hearted Queen' + Video

J'étais à toi peut-être avant de t'avoir vu."

"I was yours maybe before I even saw you."

- Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, "Elégie"

This verse perfectly sums up the love story of Saturne & Valfeu.

French Witch Folk duo, Saturne & Valfeu released their second single, with accompanying video, last month. These two lonesome dreamers saw their feeling born in a fantastic universe of runes, fairies and incantations, on a large flat rock on the edge of an emerald river. They live a letter-writing true love, between prose and poems, without even having met. She calls him "Faun", he calls her "Shewolf". They changed lives for each other, and gave birth to this musical project.

Valfeu is French guitarist, composer & electro producer. He is mainly known for his duet with Desireless, French pop star of the 80s ("Voyage, Voyage"). He has shared the top line of posters with Shaka Ponk, Calogero, Peter Hook of Joy Division, Front 242 and Brendan Perry of Dead Can Dance.

She is the lead singer of the french band "The Neko Light Orchestra", which plays in the most beautiful sold out theatres in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and even Japan.

She is also a voice-over actress, an illustrator and a "lowbrow" painter.

'Half Hearted Queen' was released in December of 2021. Watch the video for 'Half Hearted Queen' and purchase below.

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