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Parasomnia Release New Single 'Vigilia' Via Swiss Dark Nights

Parasomnia is a band formed during 2018 in Santiago, Chile, which breeds a mix influenced by 80's classic post punk and darkwave bandstand also Latin American sounds. The quartet comprised of Mauro Cronenberg on vocals, Franco R. on guitars and synth, Sebastian Gonzalez on bass and F. Negative on drums and percussion compose a work of surrounding sonority and sharp noises, along with moments of subtle music execution and experimentation. On their behalf, the bands lyrics deal with introspective but social themes, with a lot of influence of contemporary philosophy and South American and Chilean poetry from recent years.

The band have signed with the preeminent label Swiss Dark Nights to release their debut full length album entitled 'Vigilia' on Friday June17th. The album is the long awaited follow up to their 2020 Self Titled EP 'Parasomnia' and their 2021 cassette demo entitled 'Fontova XXXX'.

The band states that their self titled EP showcases a fraction of their inner world. Each song was shaped through a visceral and intuitive process, creating atmospheres that sail from personal darkness towards a thin collective light.

This process can be heard and felt in their latest offering 'Vigilia'. Their LP is bursting at the seams with expertly crafted songs comprised of amazing, chorus laden guitar that is at once lush and floating and, in an instant, soaring distortion, driving and melodic bass lines that stick in your head, tight drumming that you feel in your chest and vocals that draw you into the inner world that is Parasomnia. Melodic post punk with heavy deathrock leanings. Two great tastes that tase great together! You'll want to check this band out and add their music to your collection as soon as possible.

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Listen to the self titled EP 'Parasomnia' below on Bandcamp

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