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Nick Cave And Warren Ellis Record New Album Entitled Carnage

Nick Cave announced in a new post on his "The Red Hand Files" newsletter, he has recorded a new album titled Carnage with his long time collaborator, Warren Ellis.

Cave wrote, in his recent newsletter to fans, about his “great disappointment” that his 2020 tour was canceled due to the ongoing pandemic. “In the end, with so many things about 2021 remaining unpredictable, including no certainty on whether we would be able to deliver the large scale arena show that we wanted to — and in the way that we wanted to — we felt we had to make the decision to cancel, at least for now,” Cave wrote, adding that it was “Time to make a record.” How fortunate for us!

Cave also mentioned in a separate edition of his Red Hand Files to discuss his lockdown and revealed a new album was recorded during this time, along with his Bad Seeds collaborator Warren Ellis.

“In many ways, lockdown has felt weirdly familiar, like I’ve experienced it before. I guess this should come as no surprise as I was a heroin addict for many years and self-isolating and social distancing were the name of the game,” Cave wrote. “I am also well acquainted with the mechanics of grief — collective grief works in an eerily similar way to personal grief, with its dark confusion, deep uncertainty, and loss of control. For me, lockdown feels like a state-mandated version of more of the same — a formalization of the kind of hermit-like behavior to which I’ve always been predisposed, and so, as difficult as it has been to see the devastation and anguish caused by the pandemic — including to the lives of those close to me, and many who have written into the Red Hand Files — I have been doing okay.”

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