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REVIEW: Neonpocalypse -ISH

Neonpocalypse is a new Stockholm-based solo project from Alex Svenson, who is also known for his work as lead vocalist in the dark post-punk band Then Comes Silence. The project has just released an EP on Swiss Dark Nights entitled -ISH which features six tracks -- four original songs and two remixes by Ash Code and Kurs. Svenson’s solo work is decidedly more synth-heavy with some nods to retro-wave and darkwave. The first track, Broken Circles, immediately lures you in with strong synth lines and an energetic beat. Svenson’s elegant vocal stylings are highlighted especially in the refrain where he dares to go low, and then even lower. Something about it has the flirtatiously daring quality reminiscent of Fad Gadget's Collapsing New People. The energy is carried through on the next track, Game Over, which has that buzzing mood of old French coldwave stuff like KaS Product but is clearly unique, incorporating beautiful synth pads to add some warmth to the cold.

And then we come to The Light, with some heavy bass grooves and an incredible build-up to the refrain, exploding with deliciously dark vocals. Finally, Lips is perhaps the most seductive and enticing track, with a swaying beat and a bit of a David Bowie vibe. Kurs does an amazing job with a remix of The Light, adding their own brand of industrial experimental glaze and an almost Reznor-esque flavor. Ash Code does a lively pulsing remix of Broken Circles with those recognizable synth touches that make up their sound.

Overall, -ISH is a highly impressive EP. I'm hoping Svenson continues this project to make a full-length LP next! 9/10


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