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Italian Post-Punk Band They Die Release New Album 'Emptiness Prevails'

They Die are an Italian trio that gravitates around the gothic world proposing the

sounds of the dawn of the genre of the early eighties revisited in a contemporary key.

The project is inspired by the atmosphere of the alternative discos of those years,

reworked in the decadence of our days, obsessively repeating, like a mantra, the

duality of love-death, seen and interpreted as the apex of an existence lived inabandonment.

The band is made up of three musicians who have long been active in the alternative music scene: Simone Scarani- composer, producer, voice and lyrics [firstblackpope, Templebeat) Massimiliano Griggio- guitars (firstblackpope) Giorgio Ricci- keyboards ('Templebeat, firstblackpope)

They Die will release "Emptiness Prevails' on the preeminent Swiss Dark Nights label this Friday June 17th.

Emptiness Prevails - Available through Swiss Dark Nights

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