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Eric Cope of Glorious Din Joins Delphine Coma on New Album

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Eric Cope from the legendary San Francisco Post Punk band Glorious Din teams up with Delphine Coma on their newest album "Tortuosa" for his first vocal appearance since 1987 after the final Glorious Din album "Closely Watched Trains".

Eric Cope, also known as Coffin Boy Crow as well as Black Dog Bone has lead one of the most interesting lives we've run across in the music scene. Born in Sri Lanka he ultimately found himself in San Francisco fronting the wildly influential Post Punk band, Glorious Din. As if that wasn't enough, He went on to establish and run one the Hip Hop industry's biggest and most famous magazines, Murder Dog Magazine.

Cope teamed up with Ashe Ruppe of Delphine Coma seemingly by fate. Rumor has it that Cope and Ruppe have begun a Glorious Din side project entitled "Sixth Killar" taken from the original song title "Sixth Pillar" released by Glorious Din in 1985 on the album "Leading Stolen Horses" on Copes label Insight Records.

Listen to "Arrival (Featuring Eric Cope)" and Purchase "Tortuosa" by Delphine Coma Below

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