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Edward Ka-Spel Releases New Album 'Prints Of Darkness' + LPD 'Four Days' Remastered

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Edward Ka-Spell of The Legendary Pink Dots has just released a 10 song album entitled Prints Of Darkness on his bandcamp page. Ka-Spel made the announcement on his personal Facebook page today saying "March 5th. The second "Bandcamp Friday” of the year and I’m happy to announce the release of my new full length solo album, Prints Of Darkness which I’ve been quietly working on throughout the last year."

The album is largely an electronic album, with tracks ranging from minimal and dreamy to more up tempo and even experimental sounds. Sometimes all of those elements even appear in a single track, quite spectacularly. Prints Of Darkness touches on elements of LPD, Tear Garden and even the electronic ambience of A Star Too Far. This release will certainly excite fans of the aforementioned projects as well as those new to the world of Edward Ka-Spel. A must have.

Tacked on to the Facebook announcement made in regards to Prints Of Darkness, Ka-Spel reminded fans of the new Legendary Pink Dots album, which was released on bandcamp on Feb. 18th, entitled Four Days - The 30th Anniversary Edition which is a remastered and expanded version of the 1994 Legendary Pink Dots album of the same name.

Ka-Spel had this to say about the new Legendary Pink Dots release on their bandcamp page:

"The DAT tape was unmarked, the DAT recorder/player had been repaired and treasure was hiding between the ones and zeroes. In fact, more than an hour of unreleased/ unheard sessions for Four Days emerged which has been edited for this special expanded edition of the 1994 album. Consider this one as the final word on this release.

Again, here is the story of Four Days.

1990. Summer. Both EK and The Silverman were hopelessly addicted to vinyl but didn't have the money to feed their habit. A little bird whispered to Phil that another collector in the North of Holland had the 3 (Lard free) albums he desired the most AND the aforesaid had just discovered the Pink Dots. It was true , but Henk - the owner of those 3 elusive discs already had already amassed a huge collection of Dots' titles.

Consequently we agreed to make a cassette release just for Henk (who is still a dear friend). Yup an edition of just 1, with Edward's partner at the time, Elke, making the cover took four days.

However Henk insisted the world should hear it, so another 99 cassettes were made. later it was 3,000 cds on The Dots' own TEKA label, and then a Polish re-release. Home-made in every way, but with loving care."

With more than an hour of unreleased and unheard sessions from 1994's Four Days, this is certainly a must have for your collection!

Head over to the Edward Ka-Spel and Legendary Pink Dots bandcamp pages to purchase.

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