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Danish Darkwave Band Torch Releases Self Titled Debut EP

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Torch is a new Darkwave/Post-punk band based in Aarhus - Denmark. Their music is structured around cold 80s drum beats with a sharp synth, accompanied by fretless bass and gloomy guitar riffs.

In November 2020 Torch released a debut cassette and played a sold out debut concert at TAPE in Aarhus. (Taken from the band bio)

The bands Self/Titled EP was sent in recently and what I heard instantly struck me. Dark, experimental, unpolished with unexpected melodies and unapologetically raw. Ivik Rosing-Johnsen (guitar & vocals ), Josefine Valler (bass) and Benjamin Lind (synth & vocals) are carving their own path in the current music scene without being another clone band.

It's hard to pinpoint Torch’s influences, but that's what makes them all the more interesting. To describe their sound, I'd say I hear hints of early deathrock, early industrial and experimental/minimal synth. The vocals range from pained cries and dark, distant croons akin to Alan Vega, which can be heard in their opening track "She Will Roam", to tracks like "A Lying Man" with driving industrial drums and brittle FM sounding synth lines accompanied by an aggressive vocal delivery that sounds like hardcore punk slowed down 100x. I mean this in the best possible way.

Torch have a range of styles on their debut EP, and aren't afraid

of slowing it down. The opening track, "She Will Roam" is a perfect example of what Torch are capable of. I'm a sucker for fretless bass and it sounds really great throughout, but particularly great on this track. With hauntingly delivered vocals, slow motion, reverb laden surf guitar and icy cold synth lines, "She Will Roam" reminds me of Ritual Howls, but Torch have their own sound, indeed.

Torch is a fantastic new band and we'll be interested in seeing more from them.

Listen and purchase below on bandcamp

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