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Child Of Night Releases New Maxi-Single 'Reduced to Ash' + Videos

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Popnihil Records recently announced they will be releasing a remix album from darkwave band Child of Night entitled Reduced To Ash. The release includes remixes of the track "Dirtworld" by 6th Circle, Delphine Coma, Jeremy Bastard, Searmanas and Profit Prison. Videos will accompany each track.

Popnihil says "the results have us flashing back to buying Wax Trax CD singles in the early 1990s."

"Dirtworld" does, in fact, sound very reminiscent of the Wax Trax days of Industrial and that's a very good thing in our book. This is one you want in your personal collection.

Watch the video for "Dirtworld" and Purchase Reduced to Ash below on bandcamp

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