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Ashley Peel And Michelle Shaw Tackle Racism In The Goth Scene On "BLOODSTREAM"

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Racism has found its way into the current Goth scene. While unfortunately this isn't new, it has certainly reared its ugly head over the last several years in an increasingly more public manner. A number of far-right hate group following DJs, musicians, and scenesters have become more vocal on social media, sporting Nazi and Confederate flags, speaking out against the Black Lives Matter movement, and spouting dangerous QAnon conspiracies. While some have attempted to hide their dangerous affiliations, they've been discovered.

BLOODSTREAM host Ashley Peel will air a new episode of her extremely important chat show at 10 p.m. EST on Tuesday the 30th where she'll be chatting with Michelle Shaw from Dark Narrows. They will be discussing racism in the goth scene, making our spaces safe, and an important follow up discussion from a previous BLOODSTREAM episode. This is a crucial episode you will certainly want to tune in for.

Send questions in advance to Ashley Peel on Instagram at @lazyastronomer and remember to join in the conversation!

Watch the full conversation here:

Listen to Dark Narrows and purchase below:

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